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Sunday Morning Worship Service: 11:00 am


Each Sunday, Joy Fellowship Church comes together for a celebration of worship, going from the pure joy that comes from knowing and understanding who God is, to a deep appreciation of His beauty, majesty and glory and an ushering-in of His presence.  The Word is intended to not only to help His people to gain a greater understanding of who He is and His purpose for their lives, but is also intended to help provide answers to what we face every day.


Come experience the joy for yourself and come grow with us!

Intercessory Prayer Ministry: Thursdays at 7:00 pm


We are more than conquerors through Christ, and each Thursday, except the last Thursday of the month, is when we come together for intercessory prayer.  We come to God on behalf of others in a heartbroken and repentant attitude, recognizing our own unworthiness and with a sense of self-denial, seeking not only to know God’s will and see it fulfilled, but to see it fulfilled whether or not it benefits us and regardless of what it costs us. True intercessory prayer seeks God’s glory, not our own. 


Miracles happen, all to the glory and honor of God!

Coffee House Worship: Last Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm


Join us in an intimate coffee house setting while we worship the Lord through songs, scriptures, prayers and as He pours out to us through prophecy, healing, deliverance and more!  All are invited to participate through playing an instrument, prophesying, prayers or singing as led of the Lord.

Coffee House Worship will not be held in the months of November or December.

Women's Ministry: Daughters of the King


Daughters of the King is a ministry to and for the women of Joy Fellowship Church.  It works to unlock the unlimited potential in women by strengthening, encouraging, and equipping women for victorious Christian living through quarterly Joy Fellowship get-togethers.


There are many opportunities throughout the year for additional fellowship and ministry at showers, banquets, and conferences.

Men's Ministry


The ultimate goal of Men's Ministry is to help men to

1. Find strength through the power of the Holy Spirit to do what God has called them to do each and every day.

2. Develop the life skills they need to be faithful husbands, loving fathers and sons, and to be effective at work through the teaching and practical application of biblical principals to all areas of their lives.

3. Serve God and serve others in the image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Kingdom Kids Children's Ministry

Joy Fellowship Kingdom Kids is a great program that ministers to the children of our church every Sunday. This ministry includes providing curriculum to teach Biblical foundations for specific age groups. Each week children have opportunity to learn more about God and the church, to have fellowship among their peer group, to learn a new craft, and to worship and praise with the church family.


Joy Fellowship Kingdom Kids meets after praise and worship for children in grades 2-6. Children in this age group are digging deeper into the Word of God in a Sunday School format; have opportunity to minister to younger children on special days; and display their God-given talents and abilities before the church family through skits, music, and several church functions throughout the year.

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