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About us

Welcome to Joy Fellowship Online: A Voice of The Prophetic!


Joy Fellowship Online (JFO) invites you to learn more about what God is saying to our world. JFO was previously a church founded in 2013 by its Senior Pastors Dave and Joyce Thilges, which later became a prophetic arm of JFMI in 2023.  JFO's purpose is to provide prophetic words from God each week to transform the lives of people in churches, communities, and nations.

Led by a team of seasoned prophetic voices, we believe that the prophetic word can ignite faith, release breakthroughs, and activate the destiny of individuals and communities. Through our online platform, we aim to create an environment where the voice of the prophetic is celebrated, nurtured, and shared with authenticity and integrity.

We believe that the prophetic is not reserved for a select few, but is available to every believer who seeks to hear God's voice and speak His truth into the world. Our desire is to empower and activate individuals to walk in their prophetic identity and impact their spheres of influence with God's love and truth.

Together, let us embrace the prophetic voice, grow in spiritual maturity, and impact the world around us. Welcome to Joy Fellowship Online: A Voice of The Prophetic!

Senior Pastors Dave and Joyce Thilges

Our vision

Our vision is to see the Kingdom of God grow and more people to understand His power through our prophetic ministry.

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