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Joy Faith Ministries International (JFMI) provides the apostolic covering for various ministries including Hometown Church, the JFMI College of Ministry, Joy @ First Light Counseling, JFMI Productions & Publications (JFMI P&P), and more. Apostolic covering refers to the covering of Christ that He provided to His people. God uses apostles for this covering, providing grace and blessing, along with protection, accountability, growth, and belonging as well.


Clicking on each icon will take you to the respective website. Below, you'll find additional information:

​Hometown Church is a new church in the "city of choice" for God: North Richland Hills. We joyfully open our doors to welcome and invite you to join us as we praise, worship, and honor our God. He has called us together in fellowship, loving one another as we love Him. Let's grow together in faith while living transformed lives for His glory!

JFMI College of Ministry equips believers from all walks of life, locally and internationally, for the work of the ministry. Students can enroll in the diploma or ordination programs, or take courses of interest online or in the classroom. For more information, email or call Dean Karen Kottaridis at (817) 424-1212.

Joy @ First Light Counseling provides individual, marriage, and family counseling, physical and spiritual healing, and deliverance from oppression. Our experienced and highly-trained ministerial counselors do this through the practical application of prayer and the anointing and revelation by the Holy Spirit.

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