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Karen Kottaridis oversees the prophetic ministry arm of Joy Faith Ministries International (JFMI), Joy Fellowship Online (JFO). She is also Dean and faculty member of the JFMI College of Ministry (JFMI COM) and the Marketing Director and board member of JFMI. She is a graduate of Beacon University, Wagner Leadership Institute, JFMI COM, and is an ordained minister under Joy Faith Ministries International. She is commissioned as a prophet to the nations. With expertise in the area of satanic ritual abuse (SRA), Karen is the author of "Ministering to SRA, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Soul Fragmentation". She has also authored the book "Unlocking the Mystery of Dreams". Karen's passion is to see God's people healed, delivered, and walking in their God-given destiny.


Juanita Vallejo is a prophet for church and communities at Joy Fellowship Online's Voice of the Prophetic. She is also Director for Hometown Church's Kingdom Kids Ministryand serves as a leader of the church's Intercessory Prayer Team. A graduate of the JFMI COM, Juanita is ordained as a minister and is commissioned as a prophet seer. She also teaches on prophetic protocols and dream interpretation as a JFMI COM faculty member. Juanita's passion is to bring hope to communities in need of encouragement.

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